NAMM California named one of the Top Workplaces in Inland Empire and San Diego in 2021

December 29, 2021 


NAMM California named one of the Top Workplaces in both the Inland Empire and San Diego in December 2021!

This regional honor is all thanks to all of our employees who participated in a survey from a third-party reseach company - Energage - which provided external employee feedback about their experience working with organization. The anonymous survey measures several categories such as workplace culture, diversity and more.

We are humbled and grateful for each and every employee of NAMM California for continuing the mission of being the most trusted name in health care. 

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About NAMM California

North American Medical Management California, Inc. (NAMM), part of OptumCare, develops and manages provider networks, offering a full range of services to assist physicians and other providers in their managed care and business operations (the “Clients”). NAMM offers a full range of management services from which physician groups, IPAs and hospital systems may select to structure an arrangement most suitable for their needs.What distinguishes NAMM beyond these core services, are its innovative approaches to adapt quickly by modifying its model as appropriate to suit the local market needs, and to align the interests of all providers to work toward mutual goals. The success of NAMM can be attributed toan operational and medical management infrastructure designed to promote coordinated care delivery systems.

Company Contact

NAMM California, Part of OptumCare
marketing@nammcal.com 1-888-313-7929

About Energage

Making the world a better place to work together.™
Energage is a purpose-driven technology company that helps organizations build and brand Top Workplaces. Built on 14 years of culture research and the results from 23 million employees surveyed across more than 70,000 organizations, Energage delivers the most accurate competitive benchmark available. With access to a unique combination of patented analytic tools and expert guidance, Energage customers lead the competition with an engaged workforce and an opportunity to gain recognition for their people-first approach to culture. For more information or to nominate your organization, visit energage.com or topworkplaces.com.