New health plan from UHC and NAMM California

 May 3, 2018


SignatureValue Alliance enables Inland Empire and San Diego employers to offer quality health care coverage at a cost-effective price.

SignatureValue Alliance

(Ontario, CA) – North American Medical Management, (NAMM) and UnitedHealthcare of California have begun offering a new health plan option called “SignatureValue Alliance” in Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego Counties. 

The new Alliance plan features high-performance networks, which include providers who meet quality and efficiency objectives.

Cost savings without sacrificing quality

SignatureValue Alliance health plan enables employers and plan participants to experience health care cost savings without sacrificing quality. 

The Alliance network includes six large participating health care providers in California, including four NAMM affiliates: PrimeCare and Valley Physicians Networks in the Inland Empire and Mercy Physicians Medical Group and Primary Care Associates in San Diego County.

Through the Alliance benefits portfolio, employers can choose from a wide range of traditional and deductible HMO plans which enable health plan participants to reduce their out-of-pocket health care costs when they seek care within a designated provider network.

SignatureValue Alliance is now available to employers of all sizes in Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego.

“NAMM is pleased to be among the select health care providers to participate in UnitedHealthcare’s SignatureValue Alliance plan. We recognize the importance of making high-quality health care affordable to the residents of our communities. Our networks provide access to local physicians and hospitals recognized for their outstanding quality of care,” said Leigh Hutchins, president and COO of NAMM.

Plan participants have access to over 575 primary care physicians and more than 3,000 specialists through the NAMM provider contracts.

Signature Value Alliance focuses on a convenient and easy-to-access network of local physicians and hospitals that have prominent reputations in the communities they serve. 

Plan participants will benefit from long-term network stability, receiving cost-effective and transparent health care through a seamless, singular administration system.

About NAMM California

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